On the whole I have absolutely no interest in newsletters. I have strong feelings about the way in which people try and get you to sign up for newsletters. Having said that there are two newsletters which I am subscribed to which I actually enjoy receiving in my inbox.


Folio is an illustration agency based in London that has had some pretty well known illustrators on their books … so I am told. I don’t follow the industry all that much so I wouldn’t know if one was famous or not. Perhaps there is one illustrator I know is famous, but I don’t know them for their illustration.

This newsletter showcases some of the recent work which some of the illustrators that Folio works with. They are lovely. Some of their work is amazing to look at. All in all it is a nice experience scrolling through some of these peices.

Learn UI Design

One skill I want to get better at (read: learn anything about how it works) is UI design. I stumbled across this website when trying to find any resources I could find to learn more about UI design. Some of the content that has found its way to my inbox has been genuinely interesting. In particular his blog post on colour was really eye opening. His emails has a certain attitude which I am not sure is genuine or not and is all aimed at selling his course. The course turns out to be pretty pricey and most likely worth the money. Not something I can justify when I work with some very talented designers but also not something I would write off for the future either.

I wish there was an option to read the email content in the browser however as they can be quite long. I would absolute prefer to read them in Pocket rather than in my email client.